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TESTEd-hankkeessa yliopistot, täydennyskoulutuksen tarjoajat ja koulut tekevät yhteistyötä opettajankoulutuksen eurooppalaisen opetussuunnitelman kehittämiseksi ja toteuttamiseksi. Lisäksi muut opettajankoulutuksen sidosryhmät tukevat opetussuunnitelman kehittämistä ja laadunvarmistusta hankkeessa antamalla kriittistä palautetta ja panosta.



Ruhr University Bochum

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Academie of Ruhr University

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University College Cork

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Universidade Católica Portuguesa

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Universidad de Sevilla

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University of Oulu

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The TESTEd consortium includes multiple, European schools in secondary education from Germany, Spain and Portugal, which give essential feedback on the implementation and feasibility of the European Syllabus. Furthermore, they are involved in the student research exchange, offering incoming teacher students the opportunity to visit and gather data at their schools, and the CPD actions.

Other regional stakeholders in teacher education (i. e. teacher unions, communal education policy makers, student representatives, parent groups, …) are involved in TESTEd as critical friends. The critical friends give feedback on the project’s strategic and political impact, offer further perspectives and input on deliverables and distribute project outcomes to their contacts. Additionally, the project’s governance structure intends annual exchanges with an advisory board including a wide circle of critical friends from all participating countries.