Towards a European Syllabus
in Teacher Education

About the project

The project’s goal is the development of an interdisciplinary European Syllabus providing an international perspective on global teaching challenges. Click here to learn more about the Syllabus, the project’s aims and outputs.

Project partners and cooperation

In the TESTEd project, five European universities, a CPD provider and schools work together to develop and implement the European Syllabus for teacher education. Click here to learn more about the project consortium.

Project updates

Click here to find out more about TESTEd events, meetings, new publications or materials or to follow the development and implementation of the European Syllabus in initial and in-service teacher education at the participating universities.

Teachers across Europe are increasingly confronted with global, societal challenges in their classrooms, i.e. sustainability, challenges to democratic education and active citizenship, gender sensitivity, multilingualism and diversity as well as the digitalization of learning spaces.

The inclusion of these topics in teacher education is therefore vital to ensure education equity and provide high-quality learning opportunities to children, teenagers and young adults across the European Union. The project “TESTEd” responds to this need with the development of an interdisciplinary European Syllabus providing an international perspective on global teaching challenges, the formation of European communities of practice in initial and in-service teacher education and the advancement of virtual and physical mobility in teacher education.